Join the Experimental Branch!

Hi there!

We’ve set up an Experimental Branch on Steam for PC. The purpose of this branch is to post builds and updates there for live testing before we make official updates! This is SUPER helpful to us as we are small team and there is no substitute for high volume testing!

We’ll be looking into adding Mac and doing it for GOG as well but one step at the time!

To join the branch:

  • Turn off steam cloud saves. Right click on the game and choose properties, then go to General and unclick the steam cloud saves.
  • Back up their save data. Found at “C:\Users\USER\AppData\LocalLow\High North Studios\SKALD_ Against the Black Priory\SaveFiles” copy the SaveFiles folder and put it on the desktop for example.
  • Go back to steam, right click on Skald and select Properties. Select tab Betas. Type in the pass: experimental and hit the button Check Code. Now select the branch from the drop down list.
  • Enter password: “ experimental”
  • Restart steam to trigger steam client to download the update
  • Please note that going back and forth between the Default and Experimental branch could POTENTIALLY cause issues with save files though we’re of course doing everything we can to avoid that.

Any feedback from playing on the Experimental branch should be reported to the feedback_experimental_branch sub-channel on the Discord.

See you in the Outer Isles!