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Info for Backers

Did you back the game on Kickstarter or Indiegogo? If so, read this!

This information is up to date as of April 30th 2024.

As I write this, the launch of the game is not far away. In fact, chances are that as you read this the release date has already been revealed (we’re announcing it on April 4th). That also means it’s time for some info regarding reward fulfillment.

When this project started way back in 2019 I had not dared to hope that making Skald would be my full-time job a couple of years later. Skald has been blessed from day one and the influx of support from partners like Raw Fury and the Norwegian Film Institute has allowed me to make so much more out of Skald than I had originally dreamed. All the while, I’m very cognizant that my oldest supporters are you guys: The backers from Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Your support has meant more than you realize. Without it, the project would never even have gotten started on the trajectory that it’s currently on.

If there is one quality that defines you as a group it is “patiently supportive”. Because, by the Golden Dead, you’ve been patient. However, the thing that keeps me sane whilst asking you to trust me again and again is this: I know you’re all as passionate as me for classic CRPGs and I believe 100% that I am building something that is important for CRPGs as a genre.

If Skald is even a modest success, there will be years of new classic CRPGs ahead and it all started with your support.

Reward Fulfilment

I’ll now try to go over all the relevant information I have on rewards as we approach launch.

Short Version

  • The game is very close to launch.
  • Some of the rewards are not done yet and these will need to be fulfilled POST LAUNCH.
  • This is a logistical issue – not a financial one. If your rewards end up being cut and not replaced with something just as good or better, you will receive a full refund + a copy of the game.
  • Backers who need to take action will be contacted with more details via mail.
    • If you do not receive such an email, there is no need for you to take action.
  • If for any reason you want a refund at this point, reach out and we’ll handle it ASAP. But do so BEFORE the game launches!

Long Version

We’ve made adaptations to certain reward tiers and had to postpone others. Simply put, it was difficult to assess the logistics of reward fulfilment when I started the project (I was a sweet summer child in those days). Given the amazing opportunities I’ve been given and how much the project has grown, I’m now at a point where getting this one over the finishing-line requires all my time, attention and energy for the upcoming weeks. And that’s a good thing: It means the end result will be as good as I can possibly make it. Only the success of this title ensures I get to make more of the games we’ve all been missing for 30 years.

However, this also means I once again have to ask for your patience and confidence.

Rushing to finish all the rewards before launch would negatively impact the quality of the game and I can’t let that happen. Furthermore, I have a high quality bar when it comes to all products related to this franchise and it’s out of the question to rush out sub-par rewards “just to get it out of the way”.

The most important thing for for me to be clear about is that the project is still well funded and I’m fully committed to keep you all happy and proud to be backers. If it turns out that some reward tiers need to be canceled completely, we will:

  1. Refund all backers at that tier in full
  2. Provide them with a copy of the game free of charge
  3. Credit the backers in-game as offered by their reward tier

No one is walking away short changed or empty handed!

Finally, it’s always been my policy that if you, for any reason, want to withdraw from the project at this point, let me know and I’ll issue a full refund immediately (do so BEFORE the game launches).

Going forwards, please note that if any action is required on your part due to your tier being affected, I WILL REACH OUT TO YOU. There may be some waiting as I need to manually process some of this stuff but I will get around to you.


Here’s a breakdown of the different backer tiers. Note that minor details may change before launch. If major changes are made, you’ll be notified.

Serf TIER – Base Game

No change here. The base game will ship soon (priced to 15 USD). We’ll try to get keys to the game out to our backers a few days before launch so you guys can get a bit of a “sneak premier”.

For backers at the Serf tier who might wish to upgrade their version to the Deluxe package (see below), they can do so by purchasing the Deluxe add-on package in the store once the game goes live.

Freeman Tier – Deluxe Edition

All backers of Freeman tier and above will receive the Deluxe edition of the game (priced to 25 USD).

The Deluxe edition will contain the following:

  • The Base Game
  • A pack of extra character portraits
  • Unique Dice animations
  • 3 extra character backgrounds to choose from during character creation.
  • Malachai the Magical items merchant: A vendor that is available from the mid game and onward that sells a handful of unique magical items.
  • Two wallpapers from the game
  • The OST with about 40 (!) tracks

Node that the game’s manual and map will not be bundled in at launch. The reason for this is simple: Neither of these items will likely be ready at launch. However, the game ships with all the information needed to play so these items are cosmetic (in other words, the game does not require an external manual).

To make up for the removal of these rewards, we’ve made the Deluxe edition quite a bit more extensive than originally planned. In other words, though I will do what I can to get the digital copies of the manual and maps into your hands once they’re made, I will consider this tier formally fulfilled once the Deluxe key is in your hands and the game has shipped.

If this is a dealbreaker for you, reach out for a refund but do so before the game ships.

Knight Tier – Deluxe Edition + Extra DIGITAL Content

If you backed at this tier or above, you’ll be receiving further communications from me down the line.

A lot of the rewards that were offered exclusively to backers at this tier and above have been baked into the Digital Deluxe Edition (and given out starting at the Freeman tier). Even though you also get the deluxe bundle, this still leaves the tiers for Knight and above underserved in terms of digital content.

It’s critical for me that you get your money’s worth.

We’ll be making decisions regarding post launch content and DLC over the next weeks. We have some very interesting stuff on the drawing board and a solution might be to offer that content to you guys for free. I’ll contact the affected backers as soon as a decision is reached.

If we can’t find a good solution for you guys in a timely manner, we will issue full refunds along with complementary copies of the game to all Knight Tier Backers (this applies even after the game has shipped).

Lord of The Realm, High Wizard and Imperator Tier – Physical Rewards

See above regarding the digital content portion.

Physical rewards will not be ready by the time we launch. I adore feelies and I really want to nail this one. A boxed edition physical release of Skald would be amazing. I’ve always had a strong concept in mind for the manual, map and box and how I want this to tie into the tabletop roots of the game etc. I really think we could do something amazing with this but the big issue is that it’s time-consuming and at this side of the launch, time is the one thing I do not have.

For now, I need to get the game out first and then I’ll focus my attention on the production of these items. Expect more information on this front after launch.

As above: If we can’t find a good solution for you guys in a timely manner, we will issue full refunds along with complementary copies of the game to all backers at these tiers. (this applies even after the game has shipped).

Deity and Dark Lord Tier

As you understand from reading the above, backers at these tiers are also affect by the delays. I’ll be reaching out directly to all backers at these tiers over the next couple of days via email and/or whatever other social media where we’re connected.

In Closing

I just want to say I believe 100% in the game and I can’t wait to share it with the people who made it possible!

If you need to get in touch I recommend sending me a direct message on either Discord, Kickstarter or Indiegogo or send me an email at contact(a)

Thank you once again for your unending support and patience,


Anders Lauridsen