Setting Sail

Skald launches tomorrow (May 30th, 7pm CEST) on Steam and GOG for PC and Mac. It’s priced at 15 USD or as a jam-packed Deluxe edition for 25 USD. 

Reviews Inbound

Today at 4pm CET, the embargo for Skald will be lifted. That means that press and content creators can finally begin talking about the game!

This is an exciting and terrifying moment: The game we sent them two weeks ago has improved on an astronomical scale in the last two weeks and there were of course a bit of rough patches in the press/creator build.

Thankfully people have been beyond helpful in bringing us bug reports and the like and the game has improved vastly because of it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I adore it and I know you will as well!

I’ll post an abbreviated change-log as well as some info for users who have been playing on the press/creator build below. READ IT.

Launch Build Version Notes

The following changes are the major changes that have been implemented since we sent out the press build. 

For players using a Press/Content Build: These changes will NOT automatically be added to the press-branch of the game. That branch will be frozen in time for eternity to ensure backwards compatibility and stability (more below).

NEW Features

  • The magic-system has been redesigned somewhat, making spellcasters a lot more powerful and fun to play. Also added a few new spells.
  • Leveling up spellcaster Feats allows you to now manually select new spells (it used to be auto assigned)
  • The Feat trees for most classes have been reorganized with an emphasis on balance.
  • The Rogue’s backstab ability is made a lot more powerful by multiplying backstab damage by the weapons critical damage modifier
  • It’s now possible to “abort” leveling up, meaning you don’t have to spend all your development points each time you enter the Feats screen. This makes it possible to take a break, and examine your character or the rest of the party etc.
  • Added in the missing end-slide cut-scenes and artwork
  • Dogs bark when you pet them (!)


  • Around 100 typos fixed
  • Fixed numerous bugs
  • Added dozens of minor QoL tweaks
  • Made encumbrance more forgiving
  • Made the game a little more willing to give out gold
  • Added more gold to vendors so it’s easier to sell loot
  • Added more sound effects
  • Added a few more alternate solutions to combat situations (stealth and diplomacy)


Thanks to feedback from reviewers, we were made aware of performance issues in certain parts of the game. This has slipped past our QA runs because it seems to be system dependent.

95% of players will not notice this at all.

I’ve done what I can on short notice and the issue should already be better at launch. 

In the case that you still suffer FPS drops, try going into “Settings -> Display” and disable “Fancy Lighting” and “Weather Effects”. This should improve performance on all systems. Beyond that, I have a new patch ready to go on Monday, once it passes QA so I feel VERY confident this issue will be resolved shortly.

If you are currently on the press build, you can improve performance by pressing TAB and entering the console command “{clearFogEffect}”. Note that console commands are case sensitive.

A Note On Press Branch Compatibility

This only applies to Press and content creators playing on the games Beta Branch (meaning you activated a press key).

Once the game launches, you have the option of setting the game to the Default Branch. Doing so gives you the proper, updated version of the game. However it is not compatible with saves made on the press branch.

However, you can stay on the press branch as long as you will and finish your run. Just know that the “real” version of the game will be found on the Default branch going forward. 

Wish me Luck

I have been getting a lot of questions lately of how to support me as a developer beyond buying the game (Ko-Fi, Paypal etc). To that I say: BUY THE DELUXE EDITION. And if you still have money to spend: Buy the game as a gift to your friends.

What’s more: It also helps the project’s visibility immensely if you eventually leave a review.  

I’ve poured my heart and souls into this project and I really hope you all love it as much as I do. Wish me luck and please offer a silent prayer to some Elder God tomorrow at 7PM CEST.

I’ll be here; pacing nervously. 

To stay posted, be sure to follow the Skald Twitter and Discord and wishlist on Steam if you haven’t already!

Much love,