Party Time!


56 hours and counting!

The hours are passing by in a fever-pitch at the moment. The amount of polish that has gone into the game since we sent out press-keys is INSANE. One one hand, I’m sad that the reviewers didn’t get to see all those wonderful updates, but on the other hand, it’s far more important that you – the community – get a game that looks amazing on May 30th.

I spent all weekend playing through it and let me tell you: If your RPG tastes are like mine, you’re in for a treat. So in other words: you better smash that “buy” button once we go live!


Rogue’s Gallery

Today I’ll do a short feature of the six pre-made recruitable characters in the game. There was originally going to be more of them but I landed on the choice of giving maximum attention to fleshing out a handful of them instead of spreading it too thin. 

The upside is of course that you can also recruit fully customizable characters if you want a bit of variation, allowing for endless mixing and matching.


Roland is a sell-sword veteran of countless bloody campaigns. He carries many a scar both without and within. Mercenary work is cruel and unglamorous it would seem.

Roland is a dangerous and brutal man . He’s also laconic and prone to bouts of melancholy but unerringly loyal.Roland is an Armasmaster who prefers to vade into melee with his trusty “two-hander” sword.

Roland is an Armasmaster. A class that excels in straight-forward and brutal combat.


Kat is an indentured guild-sailor who was part of the crew of the ‘Zephyr’. She hails from the Imperial mainland where her cut-throat brother sold her into servitude after their parents died. Needless to say they did not part on good terms.

Kat is outspoken and exuberant with a foul mouth that stands in stark contrast to her fair appearance.

Kat is a Thief and excels in stealth and lock-picking. She also employs her deadly Backstab ability in combat to deal large amounts of damage and crippling injury conditions.


Driina is a cleric of the Sepulchite order, bringing the light of the Golden Dead to the Outer Isles. Imperial religion places great significance upon the dead and the mummified corpses of long dead Magi and Emperors are the Empire’s most prized relics , 

The Sepulchites are the custodians of the Dead. This makes a somber and austere lot but they are also experts of the flesh and great healers.

Driina is a Hospitaller: A front line healer combining the sacred magic of the flesh with a robust combat presence.



Iben is a quiet man with a sharp wit and sharper eye. He’s traveled the Empire far and wide and eventually ended up in the Outer Isles where he found happiness – for a short while. Though he can be humorous and warm when he so wishes, it is clear that he prefers the stillness that only the wilderness can offer.

When pressed about his background, Iben tends to grow distant while he thoughtfully chews his pipe.

Iben is a Ranger. A warrior that combines an unmatched skill in ranged combat with the magic of the natural world.


Iago is a swashbuckling smuggler hailing from the Ombarian city-states to the south. A man of the world, he’ll tell anyone who will listen (and most who won’t listen) that he owes his legendary good luck to being the favored son of the Blind Maidens.

Iago prefers to never stay in port for long. Something about ‘wronged husbands’ and ‘little misunderstandings’.

Iago is an Officer: A warrior who boosts the fighting prowess of their comrades by issuing orders across the battlefield.


Running bare-foot through the hedge-maze on the grounds of the Berryn estate. Both of you children: Embla in-front, just out of sight.

That’s how it’s always been. 

All is not well in the house of Berryn and you must venture once more to follow her into the maze. Perhaps this time you’ll finally catch up to her.

In Closing…

We’ve been sending keys to content creators and press and word is seeping in that they’re having a lot of fun with it. Are YOU a content creator or a Press person? Get in touch for a key to the game:

To stay posted, be sure to follow the Skald Twitter and Discord and wishlist on Steam if you haven’t already!

See you in 56 hours!