Late Stage Feature Bonanza


As I’m writing this, there are 227 hours, 11 minutes and 23 seconds left until launch. That feels surreal, terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. Just like a good cosmic horror grimdark RPG in other words.

The game in question is, of course, “Skald: Against the Black Priory”. A retro-style roleplaying game releasing May 30th for PC and Mac on Steam and GOG.

The game will sell for 15 USD with a Deluxe Edition priced at 25 USD. This game is VALUE PACKED in my humble opinion so please consider getting the Deluxe edition.

We’re keeping it safe and saying the game has a core path of about 15 hours but in reality, every single first run I’ve seen has taken 25+ hours and that’s not mentioning replayability.

Some New Late-Stage Features

In the blood-red rush of caffeine fueled crunch madness I decided to add a few nice little late stage features. Rejoice!


Do you want to adventure with the pre-made characters? Or would you rather make every character in the party from scratch? Perhaps a combination of the two?

Oops all new characters!

Fear not! The Outer Isles is full of “Mercenaries”: Blank characters that you can hire and customize fully.

Up to 18 characters can be part of your group and you’re free to swap them in and out from the party management screen that you get access to when resting in beds or at inns!

This game suddenly feels a lot more like murder-hobo pokemon!

You’re even free to leave all your companions in camp and venture forth alone if you want a bit of an extra challenge.

The Weathermaiden

As you set sail across the Outer Isles on the fine ship “Weathermaiden” you can use her as a mobile base of operations.

Sleep, cook, craft, socialize, organize your party, trade and store your loot in style as you plow the steel-gray seas of the Outer Isles!

Ultimate Mode

Also known as “Nostalgia Mode”! This is a small one but it’s such a sweet little feature I can’t help but show it off! The Deluxe Edition (amongst many other cool things) allows players to activate the special retro game frame!

This is sure to bring back some fond memories for a lot of you! Did I mention that you should buy the Deluxe edition?

Deluxe Map

The Deluxe Edition will now come bundled with a high resolution version of the overland map! And don’t worry: We’ll include both a spoilery and a non-spoiler version!

Sound Effect Update

I’ve done a MASSIVE overhaul of the sound effects in the game! Hoooo boy let me tell you it makes all the difference in the world to actually hear those guts spill onto the floor!

I didn’t have time to record footage of it but believe me when I say you’re in for a treat!

In Closing…

I’m planning to showcase the pre-made characters and I should also do another feature-focus on advanced combat stuff. We’ll see what I can squeeze in before launch and during the launch week.

In any case I’m BEYOND excited to show you the game. We’ve been sending keys to content creators and press and word is seeping in that they’re having a lot of fun with it. Are YOU a content creator or a Press person? Get in touch for a key to the game:

To stay posted, be sure to follow the Skald Twitter and Discord and wishlist on Steam if you haven’t already!

See you in 227 hours!