Stretch Goal Announced: The “Captain” Class

The SKALD Kickstarter just blew through stretch goal number 1 in no time!

This means we get to explore what Lovecraftian horrors lie hidden beneath the eternal ice of the high north: “Mountains of Madness” style!

It also means that it’s time for another stretch goal!

105.000 NOK: The “Captain” Class

SKALD: Against the Black Priory is intended to ship with five “canonical” classes (more on that soon – I promise). If we reach 105.000 NOK I will design a sixth class: “The Captain”. The Captain is a combat based class with strong leadership skills and expert maritime and navigational skills.

This should make for some interesting combat gameplay as the Captain combines his excellent swordsmanship with his keen tactical sense, allowing him to inspire and coordinate the rest of the party.

As a game with a strong maritime component, the Captain should also add plenty of opportunity for adventuring as you explore the game world by sea: Trading, smugling and daring the dangers that inhabit the black depths of the ocean. The game will also include a recruitable NPC with the Captain class. Have an amazing weekend!